The Method Makers

The Head, The Heart, And The Spirit March 23 2018

Ever wonder why it's so hard these days to make it as an artist? We have some very good artist friends that are famous (in the sense of being known to most in the low-brow, contemporary art, & graffiti/street art worlds). Even with this fame, the crazy part is that most of them are literally starving artists still finding ways to make ends meet.

Independent creators have dealt with the struggle of if their work is good enough because it doesn't sell. Thankfully most of the talented ones that we still work with have continued to lead with their hearts. And through much of life's experiences (pain, mental and physical suffering, with starvation included) have been able to sustain the waves of where life has brought them to this point.

We've always been very curious about creativity - where it comes from, and what inspires it. In a previous Ted Talks with Elizabeth Gilbert (Author of Eat, Pray, Love) she talked about how the Ancient Greeks and Ancient Romans believed that creativity ​was a gift from the gods. The fact that some divine creative spirit was channeling their energy through the artist.

(Start at 6:16 if you want to get straight to what we're talking about, but the whole talk is pretty great.)

When an artist would create, and it was wonderfully composed - the masses would praise the gods for channeling the work through the artist. When the work was terrible, the artist was not shunned for creating bad work but rather the gods may not have been channeling energy through them at that time and the translation was off at some point during the process.

The talk goes on further to discuss the harsh reality that most creatives are faced with today where creativity is individualized in that the artist is the sole creator, and that there is no divinity involved in the process. In this way an artist is left at the helm to "swallow the sun" and take the burden and stress of being judged completely by their creativity.

In the end, we advise all creatives to continue to follow your heart, listen to your spirit, and keep translating those messages. We will be ready to publish once you transmit.