Sketchbook Project

TK All Dayz April 03 2016

Yesterday we took a journey into the mind of Method Makers artist @TK_AllDayz as the first in a series of artists that we are interviewing for the Method Makers Artist Interview and Sketchbook Project 2016. 

(J. Berger & TK on the waterfront of Muir Island.)

With the help of TMM video producer J. Berger our team will release a short series of videos highlighting TK, his city and what inspires his works. 

(Inside the abandoned spaces that occupy TK's
old stomping grounds.) 

(Peace from Pipe City, California.)

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Akira Beard March 06 2016

Portrait #10, Oil On Canvas
Part Of The Self Portrait Project
By Akira Beard

Over a decade in the making, my brother Akira Beard has been creating bodies of work that have been focused primarily on the different stages and periods of his life.

The themes are built around overcoming the challenges, reflecting on each experience And incorporating writing with ink & oil on canvas.

Akira and I met three years ago as we both had faced big life challenges. His was a loss of a career job of over 7 years, a falling out of a long-term romantic relationship, and having a shared space with this significant other. Mine was a loss of a home that I had battled for 3 years to save from the bank during the housing market crash & credit crisis, and the end of a career job of 7 years that no longer served me. Somewhere along the path to needing to understand more about our own existentialism, we connected over the Method Makers sketchbook and interview project #TheMethodMakersTM

Visit the original entry in Akira's blog

Since then we've continued to work on projects and have become closer friends from the experience. It's been a crazy, hectic, inspirational, and chaotic 3 years.

I've learned so much from this experience & I'm happy to say that I know so much more about myself because of it. Our team has gotten a lot smaller since we started, & with that we've decided to focus on a much smaller, selected group of artists that you will start to see in our blog

Unlike a gallery that rotates artists constantly. our approach will be more focused on the individual artists we are working with and the current projects that they are involved in.


On the left, shot of the swimmer Akira as he navigates through the troubled waters of life. On the right is a shot from my meeting with Akira at Toy Boat Cafe, Inner Sunset District, SF on February 22nd, 2016. Penning our ideas for the next collaborative project that my brother that we will be working on through The Method Makers the next couple of months.

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