Ernest Doty

Ernest Doty is a contemporary graffiti artist from Albuquerque, New Mexico, living in Oakland, CA. Part of a global graffiti crew, Can't Be Stopped (CBS), Doty's work can be found around the world in places such Mexico, China, Guatemala, the Philippines, as well as various parts of the United States.

Doty has been illustrating art ever since he could pick up a crayon, and has been painting graffiti for over 15 years. Mastering his skills as a muralist, his work as a graffiti writer can be translated into that of a fine artist; using the streets as his canvas and the spray paint can as the oil paint & paintbrush. In his experience mastering the art of spray paint, Doty has developed a level of expertise that allows for the fine lines and techniques of that of a fine artist. This is evident by being present & looking up close at his work.

In the past year, his mural work is most recognizable by the beautifully crafted, exotic birds seen native to the locations of where the feathered creatures are found.

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