GATS is a globally recognized graffiti artists known as Graffiti Against The System. His work
can be found in parts of Mexico City, Palistine, Rome, the Philippines, and all around the US.

GATS is an advocate for the freedom of speech and questioning authority. He started drawing
the mask as a symbol to speak his point of view while being able to hide his identity. The mask
can be seen in many forms with various symbols which have different individual meanings.

"Over time the mask has filled up with more names, tears, cracks and other symbols. I'm not a
religious person so this mask has become the ritual that I meditate on. The cryptic names that
decorate the mask remind me to appreciate people in my life and those I respect. Every tear is
to remember a specific individual who was murdered by the police. The mask becomes more
and more cracked as it ages. It's falling away as I lose attachment to the idea of a normal life
and start to question which one is actually my alter ego."


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